Community Partners

The development of the 2019-2020 Community Health Improvement Plan is the work of not only the lead agency, the Florida Department of Health, but also of many community partners and community members.

We would like to acknowledge the hard work of those who attended our planning meetings in 2018 and were vital in making this plan possible.

Healthy Charlotte is effective because of the strong partnerships we have in the community and our ability and willingness to share resources as appropriate. 

Speakers Bureau

If you would like someone from Healthy Charlotte to speak to your organization/group, please contact the Florida Department of Health.

Currently the Speakers Bureau consists of the following individuals who are educated on and passionate about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs):

  • Helen Burton, SEDNET
  • Diane Ramseyer, Drug Free Charlotte County
  • Vicki Vertich, Bayfront Health
  • Faezeh Andrews, Charlotte County Human Services
  • Rebecca Hansen, Charlotte Behavioral Health Care
  • Jude Jean-Pierre, Florida Department of Health in Charlotte County
  • Joseph Pepe, Florida Department of Health in Charlotte County
  • Jennifer S. Sexton, Florida Department of Health in Charlotte County

Healthy Charlotte is still recruiting for its Speakers Bureau.  Professionals and passionate community members who can present to audiences large and small on ACEs are needed to accomplish our goals for 2019-2020.


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